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Public Procurement Tendering – Services

The public procurement process is designed to ensure the tax payer receives value for money when procuring services.
In order to preserve the integrity of public procurement process we at QMS solutions assist you in your tender submission process to ensure that you fully understand the systems requirements and to ensure the most accurate tender submission consistent with procurement acceptance criteria.

What is a Request for Tender?tender_final
A request for tender is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers for the supply of products or services. Submitting a tender is common practice for businesses supplying goods or services to other businesses / organisations or the public sector.tender_final

Benefits of Tendering for Suppliers

Identifying the Market

E Tendering

Why Tenders are Unsuccessful

The Three C’s to Success

Cost: Value for money / price

Compliance: Meeting the exact requirements of the tender and ensuring all forms completed and submitted as requested

Credibility: Can you deliver –

***************************** Be prepared – Be Committed & Be on Time **********************
QMS Solutions Service to you
QMS Solutions provide advice and assistance when submitting public procurement tenders to include a review of your proposed tender submission. We will highlight any areas for improvement in your proposed submission.

Tender responses will be assessed by considering the following:

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